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The Buffalo Press
Welcome to the Buffalo Press

Hello and Welcome to the Buffalo Press. Due to a delay in the design of certain features this site has been developed to provide visitors with some information about us and what we do. We hope that you find this information helpful and look forward to assisting outdoor enthusiasts with useful and topical feature departments in the near future. Please visit again soon!

A Brief History
The Buffalo Press began in 1995 with the personal vision of Karl F. Ehlers, as a resource for backpacking and hiking enthusiasts to share their insights and experiences. Since then the Buffalo Press has expanded its scope of interest to include planning assistance for "Self-Guided" backcountry excursions in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozark Plateau region. We also conduct workshops and seminars focusing on backcountry skills, and are a resource for publications focusing on primitive travel (backpacking/hiking).
A Touch of Philosophy
Our motto is:

"Of All the Paths You Travel in Life, Walk Well and Wisely, But be Certain Some Are Dirt".

This expresses our shared interest in promoting primitive travel (hiking/backpacking) as a basis for living a well rounded life, and motivates our efforts to help those who have not truly experienced the "Great Outdoors" to enjoy those dwindling last places that can earnestly be called "Wild".

Our Commitment to Ethical Outdoor Activity
Here at the Buffalo Press, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously! That's why our staff members are required to devote a portion of their time to trail maintainence, campsite and native species reclaimation projects, community recycling and similar programs.

We support in principle, the efforts of Leave No Trace, Inc. in their efforts to educate outdoor enthusiasts in low-impact backcountry techniques and philosophies. We include the LNT Trail Card and Guideline booklet in each TRAIL PLANNER(TM) package, at our expense as our contribution to aid in spreading the low-impact message. It is our hope that this will focus the awareness of our customers, and inspire them to to observe and pratice these guidelines while in the backcountry, and at home.

The Buffalo Press
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Independence, Missouri 64052-0109

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